Trent Warncke is the President and Owner of Inverse Technology as well as an avid shooter and collector of military small arms.  His background and education have provided him the opportunity to serve the firearms field as both an historical authority in military small arms, and also as a technical expert in their operation and design. 

While his personal interest in small arms goes back nearly twenty years, Trent ’s professional career was first initiated with the awarding of a Mechanical Engineering degree from the Virginia Military Institute.  Upon graduation he served as an officer in the United States Marine Corp as a Combat Engineer where he was trained as an Officer specializing in mine field emplacement and explosive demolition. 

After his service, he took the position of Design Engineer for Knight’s Armament Company (KAC) in Vero Beach , Florida .  Here he worked on a variety of designs projects.  These included suppressor/silencer development and various testing projects for the military.  In addition, while at KAC, Trent worked directly with Uziel Gal, the designer of the Uzi Submachine Gun on an undisclosed project.  As a result of these projects, Trent became proficient in cutting edge 3D Modeling CAD program.  

Trent further advanced his project management skills and understanding of military contracting from his experiences while working for Armor Holdings as a Program Manager for many vehicle armament programs to include the, M1114 Up-Armored HMMWV, HArD-Kit, and the CROWS Weapon system.  

In 2005 he founded Inverse Engineering to service the firearms field with the finest design services available.  Inverse Engineering’s projects have included optical mounts, suppressor/silencer designs, and many other firearm accessories.  Trent ’s dedication and in depth knowledge of both the civilian and military firearms fields has made him a great and trusted resource for many different companies and agencies.




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